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Control wiring - Control wiring is becoming more important in today’s increasingly complex electrical systems and components.  Control wiring enables monitoring, alarm notification, and remote maintenance  saving time and money in the long run.

Parking Lot & Area Lighting – Parking lot and area lighting is critical for safety near an industrial facility.  Working late hours or even 24 hours a day your employees need effective lighting solutions that help them work efficiently and safely.

Preventative Maintenance – Routine maintenance will reduce the amount of down time in the event of an electrical failure.  We all know that being aware of the problem when it first shows up is easier and more cost effective to fix than waiting for it to escalate and trying to repair the problem when material and man power is unavailable.  Thermal imaging cameras can detect the slightest change in temperature at a specific breaker, terminal, connection or component and warn you of a possible problem before it shuts your facility down costing you time and money.

High Bay lighting and high efficiency lighting upgrades - Old high bay light fixtures use almost twice as much energy as newer high efficient solutions.  Over time your facility could pay for newer high efficient lighting and save money on electric costs as well as receive rebates for installing high efficient fixtures.




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